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We ‘Arrrr!’ Getting A Second Season Of ‘Our Flag Means Death’

We ‘Arrrr!’ Getting A Second Season Of ‘Our Flag Means Death’

We may just get to see the Gentleman Pirate waltz into Blackbeard’s Bar & Grill and Other Delicacies and Delights and Fishing Equipment on a very busy Sunday night.

HBO Max announced Wednesday that it has renewed its series “Our Flag Means Death” for a second season. The news comes almost three months after the queer-friendly pirate comedy starring Taika Waititi (Blackbeard) and Rhys Darby (Stede Bonnet/The Gentleman Pirate) debuted its first season in March.

The show follows Stede Bonnet, a wealthy 18th-century gentleman living a comfortable life, after he abandons his wife and children to become a wannabe swashbuckling buccaneer by buying a ship called the Revenge. As he struggles to lead a hired crew of misfit pirates, he meets the infamous Captain Blackbeard. To both of their surprise, the two develop a deep bond as they embark on adventure on the high seas. The show is also very loosely based on the real-life Stede Bonnet.

“We felt the show was special while we were making it, but fans’ open-armed embrace of the inhabitants of the Revenge makes heading into a second season all the more sweet,” the show’s creator said in HBO Max’s press release, thanking the streaming platform, the show’s executive producers and “our wildly enthusiastic audience for making another voyage to this world possible.”

Enthusiastic audience may be a bit of an understatement. Fans on Twitter have been praising, meme-ing and creating fan art for the show ever since its debut. Check some out below, and here’s hoping all of these fans are celebrating with a few swigs of grog tonight.

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