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US pop-rock band OneRepublic to return to Dubai in November

US pop-rock band OneRepublic to return to Dubai in November

The venue for their concert has yet to be announced but chances are it could be the Coca-Cola Arena or the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, both of which have the capacity to stage a gig of this magnitude.

We are also awaiting details for tickets and when they will go on sale.

The last time OneRepublic performed in the city was during the Dubai Jazz Festival in February 2020, a month before the world shut down on account of the pandemic. Not the kind to sit in a hotel room for the duration of their stay in a city, the six Colorado boys, including lead vocalist Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, guitarist Drew Brown, bassist-cellist Brent Kutzle, drummer Eddie Fisher and keyboardist Brian Willett, took the time to head down to the emirate’s alleyways, admire some Dubai Police supercars and try a hand at go-karting.

In an exclusive chat ahead of their 2020 gig, Tedder spoke about their love for the city. “We always do little touristy stuff when we come here. There are a couple of restaurants that we like here but we are big fans of Ravi,” said Tedder, adding: “The owner has done a good job. He’s done a Pun-jab … get it? I’m pretty sure puns work in every culture right? That was a Pun-job. Oh my god! I did it again. Someone call the pun police.”

True to his word, hours later Tedder posted a photo of himself on Instagram, pointing up at the sign of the popular Pakistani restaurant, writing: “Anyone ever travelling to Dubai, worth the drive to old town, we always hit Ravi. It’s a 10. Get it. Food is good when you eat it.”

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When we last chatted in 2020, the band was at the cusp of releasing its fifth studio album ‘Human’, which eventually released in August 2021 due to the pandemic. The band is now working towards releasing its sixth studio album, which could drop by the end of summer, as its being reported. Meanwhile, fans can catch their new track ‘I Ain’t Worried’, the second single from the soundtrack for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, which is now playing in UAE cinemas.

Concert season has well and truly kicked off in Dubai with Cigarettes After Sex performing later this month, while Justin Bieber has a two-date commitment with Dubai in October.

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