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This is the best career advice for every zodiac sign

This is the best career advice for every zodiac sign

Gen Zers and millennials are increasingly beginning to rely on the standout traits of their zodiac sign to navigate their career and romantic life. The modern workplace is a minefield of formal and informal challenges: whether it’s dealing with impossible deadlines and unlikeable co-workers, surviving two-hour commutes after a year of working from home, or even summoning the courage to leave your job when the time is right. Every zodiac has its own strengths and aptitudes in the workplace, and astrologer Greenstone Lobo has some solid advice on how to channel them in the right direction. Lobo advises against looking only at our sun sign for guidance; he asks that we also consult our natal chart and pay attention to our moon and mercury signs for career-related traits. Ahead, we list all the career advice you need according to your zodiac sign.


Ariens are characterised by raw energy. “People with Aries in their chart are very assertive, driven and focused. They know how to delegate and they will get the job done,” says Lobo. The challenge is that they can be impatient and impulsive, and should be careful to not come across as disrespectful to those with more experience.


Taureans are nothing if not dependable. “They are level-headed, they’re good negotiators and they know how to handle emergencies very well,” says Lobo, “They’re also very artistic, with a natural aptitude for music, arts, beauty and fashion.” However, Taureans can be stubborn and resistant to change, and it can be difficult to convince them to do something they don’t want to do.


Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac. They’re well-suited to positions that allow them to train, advise, consult or work with different languages. They’re also good salespeople. “The trouble is that they are easily bored, so they need to be constantly challenged. If you’re not keeping them interested, they will leave,” warns Lobo.


Cancerians tend to be sensitive, caring and loyal. “They treat everyone like family and can be extremely good in any job that requires them to take care of people,” says Lobo. The catch is that they can also be moody and temperamental, which might affect the way they approach communication-related roles.


Leos are the leaders of the zodiac; they are born to shine. “They are full of life and bring a lot of flair to their work,” says Lobo. However, while Leos thrive on validation, they don’t do so well when they feel their work isn’t being appreciated.


To put it simply, Virgos are perfectionists. “They love targets, and they will do any job in a systematic, methodical and process-oriented way,” says Lobo. Devising something from scratch, however, is not a Virgo’s strong suit. They don’t do well in roles that are undefined or require an unstructured approach since they need quantifiable goals to guide them along the way.


Librans are known for their expert communication skills. “They debate well and are empathetic towards other people. They will listen first and then talk,” says Lobo. However, they have the tendency to be over-analytical and indecisive and can therefore be looked upon as argumentative.


For a career that requires passion and intensity, you’re going to want to hire a Scorpio. “A typical Scorpio will give their 100% and ensure that the work is finished well,” says Lobo. Having said that, if you pull them down in any way, they will quit immediately. Their intensity needs to be channelled in the right direction.


Sagittarians are one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. They’re well-suited to any kind of job that involves knowledge-teaching, advising or consulting. The downside is that the sign is characterised by extreme honesty. “They will tell you the exact truth, and not everybody is going to like it,” says Lobo.


Capricorns tend to be mature, practical, disciplined and ambitious. “They’re good leaders because they know whom to hire and how to complete projects within budget,” says Lobo. However, they can also be inexpressive and might find themselves ill-suited to a communication-oriented job.

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Aquarians are unconventional and independent. “They will do well in any job where intellectual abilities are required and can excel as product-creators, path-breakers and scientists,” says Lobo. The challenge is that they can be spaced out and detached, and while they can be very fun-loving, they might not be well-suited to people-oriented roles.


Pisceans are extremely creative and artistic. “They learn things very fast; a typical Piscean can be taught almost anything,” says Lobo. They’re also naturally empathetic and can do well in people-centric roles. They’re unlikely to be drawn to competitive corporate environments and are more likely to take on service-oriented tasks.

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