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This California couple’s seafront Mumbai nest is a sweet ode to their life story

This California couple’s seafront Mumbai nest is a sweet ode to their life story

This Mumbai home pays equal homage to the family’s past and present. The powder blue sofa in the living room, for instance, nods to the neighbouring seafront, while a cerulean vase on the dining table reminisces the Californian coastline. There are other emblems too: English colours in the son’s bedroom doff their hat to the family’s trips to London, whereas the den is an ethnic hideaway where elephants and camels and an Indian village-scape bring the wall to life.

Tour de force

The original guest bedroom and bathroom were demolished to accommodate a spacious den, admittedly the family’s favourite room. A sliding door separates the den from the living room, allowing for the spaces to be connected seamlessly when required. Some novelties here include cutting-edge Olufsen speakers, a hidden wine cooler and a concealed bar

On the average Mumbai evening, Bandyopadhyay and Devavarapu like to unwind in the den. “The rest of the house is uber contemporary, so this room really surprises you. It is an ode to India, the country we love so much,” says Bandyopadhyay. The family also enjoys bonding in the kitchen, where they regularly entertain. But for Bandyopadhyay, the true crown jewel is the master bedroom: a Japanese boudoir with a custom wallpaper of Japanese cherry blossoms and lifelike birds. “I always dreamed of a whimsical master bedroom and my heart beams with happiness every time I walk into this space.”

For the couple, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing they now have a home to call their own in a city they always have. It’s a haven that reminds them of their days as newlyweds, but also of how far they’ve come.

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