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Steve-O Goes Full ‘Jackass’ On Ryan Reynolds At The MTV Movie & TV Awards

Steve-O Goes Full ‘Jackass’ On Ryan Reynolds At The MTV Movie & TV Awards

At least Ryan Reynolds didn’t ask Steve-o to show him how to chug a live goldfish and then throw it back up.

Reynolds won the award for Best Comedic Performance for his film “Free Guy” at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Sunday night. Although the actor didn’t attend the ceremony, he sent a prerecorded acceptance speech that was delivered by Steve-o of “Jackass” fame.

“Hey MTV, I’m Steve-o, accepting this award on Ryan Reynolds’ behalf because sadly, he wasn’t just unable to appear in person, he can’t even do his video acceptance speech,” Steve-o said:

Steve-o then thanked a bunch of Reynolds’ co-stars from “Free Guy,” including Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery and Joe Keery. As Steve-o struggled to remember Utkarsh Ambudkar’s last name, the camera panned back to reveal Reynolds texting in the background.

“Ambudkar,” Reynolds said. “Super talented.”

After Steve-o talked about how personal making “Free Guy” was for Reynolds, he asked the actor if there was anything else he’d like to include in the acceptance speech.

“No,” Reynolds said, “I just want you to kick me in the balls.”

To see what transpires, check out the video above.

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