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Pakistan PM Imran Khan wants police to ‘treat common man like VIP’

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wants police to ‘treat common man like VIP’

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday stressed reformation in the conduct of police so that officers treat the privileged and the common man in the same manner.

“I want the police to shun discriminatory attitude towards citizens, and rather treat the common man like a VIP (very important person),” the Prime Minister said in his address here at the passing-out of cadets at the Police College, Sihala.

The Prime Minister said he wanted to see Islamabad Police perform in an exemplary manner and emerge as a ‘new vibrant force in the New Pakistan’. He mentioned the reformation of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa police by the government of his party. He said a good society was known for how well it treated its weaker segments. He said armed forces protected the frontiers of country, while the police safeguarded the lives and property of citizens. Terming police the country’s asset, Imran Khan said the force should be given due respect. Peace and security, he said were a pre-requisite for society. He vowed to provide every possible facility to police personnel as acknowledgment of their services.

He said the government would consider giving Islamabad Police Health Cards and enhancing their salaries at par with the Punjab Police. Imran Khan felicitated the outgoing police cadets and urged them to get ready to serve the nation with diligence. He advised them to always choose the path of righteousness in the professional lives, which he said could be tough but based on principles of integrity and honesty. He mentioned that the politicians who chose the path of corruption faced a life filled with humiliation and also pushed the country into a debt trap.

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The Prime Minister said the government had celebrated a remarkable achievement on the economic front by turning the country’s current account deficit in surplus for a fifth consecutive month after 17 years. He said the government, under its vision of austerity, was controlling the expenditures in view of the country’s debt. Khan said the expenses of the Prime Minister House had been cut by 60 per cent besides other reduction in expenditure of the federal government.

Earlier, the Prime Minister reviewed the parade where the contingent presented a salute. Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and senior police officials were also present.

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