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Pakistan introducing consumer protection laws on a national level for E-Commerce

Pakistan introducing consumer protection laws on a national level for E-Commerce

In the E-commerce and online shopping era, all of us have been fallen victim to a scam once at the very least. While we might be gung-ho about e-commerce, we must confess that there are demerits too. Only when we accept our deficiencies will we work towards overcoming them.

E-Commerce in Pakistan has been growing exponentially in the recent past couple of years. However, we cannot ignore the dangers of exploitation and scams and how fast it is ever growing.

We all have witnessed the video that was being circulated on Facebook recently where some innocent kids who had pinned all their hopes of vlogging on a package from Daraz. Yet again all their hopes were trodden by a scammer who sent an empty box instead of their drone.

Daraz immediately took notice of that and it appears that even the government has recognised the state of Pakistani E-commerce. According to the Principal Staff Officer to Interior Minister, Rafique Ahmed Khokar, the government is working on introducing laws that guarantee consumer protection on a national level and also bring online shopping under the legislation.

This is a significant step for Pakistan as most of E-Commerce websites in most parts of the world offer rules and regulations for distance selling. Central legislation could provide a standard that would have to be followed by all E-commerce websites to ensure customer protection.

The E-commerce industry in Pakistan is thriving and there needs to be some sort of regulation by the government with consultation from major E-commerce platforms to ensure that the industry is not plagued by such issues in the future.

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