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Pakistan completely moves to e-visa services from February 1

Pakistan completely moves to e-visa services from February 1

Pakistan has announced it will move entirely to e-visa services from February 1, 2021, phasing out the exhausting manual visa system.

“Pakistan government has decided to stop manual processing of visa cases, therefore, all visa applications will be processed through online visa portal only with effect from February 1, 2021,” the official statement said.

The e-visa will become a compulsory entry requirement for all travellers coming to Pakistan from next month, the immigration department said. Travellers are advised to submit their applications online at the official visa system. Manual processing of visas will be discontinued from next month said the official statements issued by the embassies. The applicants simply have to log in to, fill out the application, upload the required documents and pay the visa fee.

The electronic visa facility is part of the Pakistan government’s digital transformation efforts to simplify and streamline visa facilities and to encourage tourism and business visits to Pakistan. Officials say the new changes would help improve efficacy and the overall management system.

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“It is a welcoming step as foreigners don’t have to stand in queues all day long. They can simply apply for Pakistan visa from home, spending less time on the tedious paperwork,” said Fahad Maqbool, head of Islamabad-based travel company Travel One, adding: “It will also take some of the burden off the travel companies.” However, he said that it would take some time for people to get acquainted with the new system.

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