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Nushrratt Bharuccha: I had my first drink with my parents and their friends – Exclusive – Times of India

Nushrratt Bharuccha: I had my first drink with my parents and their friends – Exclusive – Times of India

Talking about sex or educating the kids on the subject is still taboo in many households. Parents still find it really hard to give the ‘bees and birds’ talk to their children. However, Bollywood actress Nushrratt Bharuccha perhaps has found the key to this puzzle. She strongly believes that it is important that the children get the right information from their parents and for that, it is necessary to create a safe environment.

Talking to ETimes exclusively, Nushrratt explained how she will deal with this matter when she becomes a parent. “Modern kids are so curious and they have so many questions. Kids are like sponges, they find information from different places and they absorb it. You can be under the impression that your kid hasn’t seen something or didn’t notice something, but things do leave an impression on their minds.”

“The best way to go around is to let them know that whatever question they have they can ask us freely. The question can be as silly as possible, it doesn’t matter,” she added.

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“They can even ask you why the flower is made this way. You can answer that with love from a young age, that too in a sensible way. Don’t kill their inquisitiveness. That way they will ask you questions and not anyone else, as they know you are the right person to give the right answers. For me, it will be the biggest win, whenever I have a kid, he or she comes to me for anything that he or she wants to ask, or if there’s anything that’s bothering them or they are in trouble. At least I will be the first one to shield them or teach them,” expressed the actress.

In the same conversation, Nushrratt also recalled how her parents have been very open and supportive in topics that society believes are awkward to talk about with kids. She said, “In my house, we had this conversation in a very normal way. And the entire credit goes to my mom, dad and grandmother. My entire family has always been very open, progressive, and supportive.”

“It’s not just about condoms or protection, I even had my first drink with my parents and their friends,” said the actress with a big laugh.

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