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Matrixian Group raises $2m in funding from Pride Capital Partners

Matrixian Group raises $2m in funding from Pride Capital Partners

Pride Capital Partners has invested $2m into Matrixian Group, a group of Dutch data and technology companies that specialise in making organisations worldwide location intelligent. The financial support will be used for scalable growth and both firms will look for strategic acquisitions together.

Matrixian Group has its roots in Data Science. Since 2016, it has been analysing and interpreting large quantities of location data and building predictive models. By adding innovative technology, it creates unique insights and tools with which it solves spatial issues and adds new dimensions to the physical environment.

Combining location data and technology results in new customer insights. The use is diverse – from data driven property valuations to feasibility studies and localising customers.

Luke Liplijn, founder and CEO of Matrixian Group said: “We believe in the power of location. What people experience in the real world and the places they go to are powerful reflections of who they are and what they care about. Due to continuous digitisation and globalisation, there is an increasing need for this knowledge. We call this the ‘science of where’. It is my vision to build Matrixian Group into the worldwide number one location-driven technology company. We see Pride Capital as a powerful partner that will help us internationalise existing product lines and support our buy and build strategy.”

Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal, managing partner, Pride Capital Partners stated: “Matrixian Group has invested into its leading location analysing platform over the past years. Due to strong growth and strategic acquisitions, the organisation is in the ideal position to grow into a leading global player. We are impressed with their scalability and strong management team and look forward to actively supporting them in their further growth plans.”

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Meanwhile, Matrixian Group has expanded over the past two years through the acquisition of Drimble and Layers.

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