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Korean zombie show ‘All of Us Are Dead’ renewed for season 2

Korean zombie show ‘All of Us Are Dead’ renewed for season 2

The first season released on January 28 and followed a group of students who battle a zombie outbreak at their high school.

The show shot to the top of Netflix charts around the world when it was launched and is one of two Korean series — after ‘Squid Game’ — in Netflix’s Top 10 most popular non-English TV shows. A release date for season two has not been announced yet.

According to Variety, the four lead stars of the show — Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun and Lomon — were part of the video clip for Netflix’s Geeked Week, which is a five-day virtual event to announce new shows and movies.

Other highly anticipated announcements from Geeked Week included the release of the first trailer from the adaptation of ‘The Sandman’ comic, which will start streaming on August 5; a teaser for Mike Flanagan’s fourth horror series ‘The Midnight Club’; a sneak peek of the fourth and final of supernatural drama ‘Manifest’; a first look at the creepy Addams Family spin-off series ‘Wednesday’ from director Tim Burton; and a teaser for Guillermo Del Toro’s horror anthology series ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’.

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