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How to screen remote-learning apps for privacy

How to screen remote-learning apps for privacy

The Human Rights Watch study identified nine apps that they say seemed to protect their users’ data and privacy around the world. They include Stile Education, Math Kids, learn, Prof Multi, Jitsi, Learning Apps, IServ, Visavid and Learning Outcomes Smart Q.

Kelly says Common Sense has found a few big names are generally trustworthy, though it’s always worth re-auditing an app’s privacy practices over time. Some of the less worrisome options include Apple School Manager, tools from, ClassDojo, Clever, Desmos and Sesame Street, says Kelly.

Big companies like Facebook and Google also make popular learning software. Despite years of criticism of their various privacy practices, both companies have tried to separate their educational products from their core businesses, allowing them to have better privacy for those apps, says Kelly.

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