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How Soho House Mumbai fosters a thriving community of creatives in the city

How Soho House Mumbai fosters a thriving community of creatives in the city

Apart from the app, the real essence of Soho House Mumbai lies in fostering offline community-building. Each month, the House schedules a roster of events for members, covering a range of creative categories such as food and drink, art, design, fashion, film, and music. Animator, visual designer and music producer Nikunj Patel, who became a member in July this year, particularly likes attending the curated music events. “Most Soho House Mumbai music events that I’ve been to have a way of breaking the ice between attendees and I really enjoy that,” he says. Nathani adds, “The House recently hosted an event about the future of fashion in sync with 3D fashion and the Metaverse, which led me to meet a designer with whom I’m now discussing future projects.” Members themselves also regularly host events like Lamba’s sneaker showcase and Patel’s GIF exhibit with works from animation talent across the country. Soho House Mumbai’s informal, laid-back vibe makes networking an organic process; the inclusive atmosphere is an added plus. As Gawde says, “The ability to express myself freely and be encouraged supported, and respected for it is what I love about the House.”

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