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Here’s how to register co-occupants through Dubai REST app

Here’s how to register co-occupants through Dubai REST app

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced on Friday, September 23 that residents of Dubai must register all cohabitants in shared and private properties within the next two weeks. This applies to all homeowners, developers, property management companies, and tenants.

The registration can be done through the  Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction (Dubai REST) app.

According to a circular issued by the Dubai Land Department, it compulsory to complete the registration within two weeks with immediate effect.

To complete the registration, everyone applicable must follow an eight-step process. Here is what we know so far about the new registration process:

  • Open the Dubai REST App and log in to the application.
  • Register if you’re a new user.
  • Choose your role as an “individual” and log in with UAE PASS for quick access
  • Authenticate yourself via the UAE PASS application
  • From the dashboard, select the property where you are a tenant/ owner
  • Select manage co-occupants to proceed
  • Select “add more” to add co-occupants to the property where you are a tenant
  • Enter the Emirates ID and date of birth of the co-occupant and select ‘verify.’
  • Add all family members/ flatmates living on that property. To remove a co-occupant, select the delete icon and submit.

It is not yet clear what potential penalties may apply if co-occupants are not registered within the two-week deadline. We will keep you updated if any further information is provided by the DLD.

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