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‘Having a male child is no more privilege than having a girl child,’ Anushka Sharma

‘Having a male child is no more privilege than having a girl child,’ Anushka Sharma

Due to the recent atrocious rape cases ensued in the Indian cities of Hathras and Balrampur, the PK actor took to Instagram to berate the ‘privilege’ of having a male child, calling it “myopic.” Anushka Sharma penned, “In our society, having a male child is seen as a ‘privilege’. Of course, it’s no more privilege than having a girl child but the fact is that this so-called privilege has been viewed incorrectly and with an extremely myopic vision.”

Sharma added, the only privilege that one has is “the opportunity to raise a boy in a way that he respects a girl.” As active members of society Sharma deems this the duty of the parents. “So don’t think of it as a privilege,” Sharma added, tersely.

The Bollywood Star condemned the dismaying rape cases in Hathras and Balrampur as well. “Barely any time has passed and we are hearing of another brutal rape?” she questioned. “In which world do such monsters think they can do this to a young life? This is beyond comprehension; so distressing! Is there any fear in the minds of such men? How do we as a society put fear in them and protect our women? #NoMercyForRapists,” Sharma tweeted earlier.

Sharma is expecting her first child with her husband, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. The couple broke the news late in August.

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Sometime earlier, Kohli also shared his views on parenthood. “Everything in life is transient. It will end one day. I have a life. I have a family. I will have kids. They deserve all my time. That is something that is very, very clear, and close to my heart,” he had said. “I want no part of my career being flashed into my house. I want no part of my trophies, my achievements… nothing in my house when our kids are growing up,” he had added.

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