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Google Pay ‘Hinglish’ support rolls out for Android, iOS: How to switch

Google Pay ‘Hinglish’ support rolls out for Android, iOS: How to switch

Google Pay is rolling out support for Hinglish, a hybrid language that is made up of Hindi and English. The support for Hinglish was announced late last year and it is finally rolling out to all users. In Hinglish, you will be able to read Hindi in English transcript on the UPI-based Google Pay app. Also Read – How to delete Google Pay transaction history permanently

Google Pay users can easily migrate to this new language on their GPay application. The method is the same as changing to any other language on the app. Also Read – Google in talks to join India’s open e-commerce network

Here’s how you can change your default language to ‘Hinglish’:

-In order to do that, first, the user needs to head to the app.
-On the top right, you’ll either see your profile pic or the initial of your name
-Just tap on that and then tap on Settings
-In the Settings menu, tap on Personal Info
-Tap on Personal Info and then click on Language
-In the third step, you just have to select the language of your preference (in this case ‘Hinglish’) Also Read – How to block someone on Google Pay: A step-by-step guide

As soon as you confirm that, you’ll start seeing instructions in ‘Hinglish’.

In addition to Hinglish, users will be able to select their preferred language from the following: English

With the inclusion of Hinglish, there are a total of 9 languages that Google Pay offers to its users.

If this isn’t enough, Google is also working on making transactions using just voice. In March this year, Google announced a slew of new features around messaging and entertainment. In that list, there was a small update regarding payments as well. Google Pay and Google Assistant can now work together to allow you to pay for parking using your voice. This new feature will also allow you to check the parking status and extend your parking as well.

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