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Google, Pakistan’s tech authority discuss collaboration

Google, Pakistan’s tech authority discuss collaboration

As the tech industry continues to grow at a rapid pace around the world, it is essential for countries and businesses to work together to develop new technologies and innovations. In this vein, a delegation from Google Asia Pacific recently met with representatives from Pakistan’s technology authority to discuss ways in which they could collaborate to support Pakistani startups and introduce Google Pay contactless payment in the country.

With over 220 million citizens and a vibrant tech sector, Pakistan is an ideal location for exploring new opportunities in the field of technology. By working collaboratively with local businesses and regulatory authorities, Google can help support the development of innovative new products and services that will benefit both consumers and businesses in Pakistan.

Moreover, by enabling mobile payments with Google Pay contactless payment, Google can help facilitate the growth of e-commerce in this dynamic market and provide greater convenience for consumers who want fast, secure transactions. Overall, this collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for both Google and Pakistan to cement their position as global leaders in technology.

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