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Google is killing Android Auto for Phone Screens on all devices

Google is killing Android Auto for Phone Screens on all devices

Android Auto is a great platform to get some of the essential Android phone features on a car’s dashboard. Google’s been improving it with each update, and at the recent Google I/O, it announced another update for the platform. While Android Auto on cars is running smoothly, it’s quite the opposite on Android phones. The Android Auto for Phone Screens has been a tedious experience lately and with all such similar cues, it appears that Google is killing the app for Android phones. Also Read – Top 5 features coming to Android: Emoji Kitchen, custom text stickers and more

Google is shutting down Android Auto for Phone Screens app

A few users on Reddit have claimed that they received a pop-up each time they opened the app. It said, “Android Auto for phone screens will stop working soon.” Also Read – Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro available for purchase on Amazon India: Check details

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This particular user here was using a Huawei P30 Lite smartphone. However, it wasn’t known if only select older Android phones were getting. But 9to5Google has confirmed Android phones with Android 11 and lower are getting this pop-up. The same pop-up was also seen on the TCL 30 V, where the phone was running on the Android 11 version.

It hints that Google is indeed doing away with the Android Auto for Phone Screens app. However, apart from the “stop working soon” message, there wasn’t any specific date or time as to when the app will stop working.

Thankfully, Google itself has revealed in a statement that it is shutting down the app and users will now have to use the alternative, Google Assistant driving mode. But again, there’s no date.

“For the people who use Android Auto in supported vehicles, that experience isn’t going away – and in fact we announced an upcoming major UI improvement recently at Google I/O. For those who use the on phone experience (Android Auto mobile app), they will be transitioned to Google Assistant driving mode which is our next evolution of the mobile driving experience,” stated Google.

What’s the alternative to Android Auto for Phone Screens?

While Google already has an alternative to the Android Auto for Phone Screens app, users happen to not like it that much. The Google Assistant driving mode is not a full replacement for the Android Auto app, as it just offers a driving-centric experience of Google Maps and Google Assistant.

If you own a car and have been using the Android Auto for Phone Screens, you have three choices now – (1) Use the Google Assistant driving mode, or (2) Get a new Android Auto-supported infotainment system for your existing car, or (3) Get a new car that supports Android Auto.

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It is worth noting that Google previously killed the Android Auto for Phone Screens app for Android 12 devices. That was already a cue of the removable of the app, and now, it’s clear that it’s going in its entirety.

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