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Going loco for local: Colour me happy with Odd and Eve’s Colourpuris

Going loco for local: Colour me happy with Odd and Eve’s Colourpuris

When I’m looking for shoes, I want two things — comfort and cuteness and I’m ashamed to say that sometimes, the need for the latter overpowers the former. But thankfully, with Odd and Eve’s Colourpuris, I didn’t have to choose between these warring wants.

Their Colourpuri range, a play on colour and kolapuris, is available in a rainbow of colours on their website and Instagram and is cute, comfortable and durable. I actually have three pairs of these shoes (and another on the way!) and I recommend them to everyone who wants a comfortable pair of slippers. I have them in tan, lavender and white.

I love how vibrant the colours are and just how darn soft the shoes are. There’s no need to break these in, they’re already butter soft when they arrive and they’ll stay that way. The Colourpuris cost Rs4,000 each with an additional Rs300 for shipping. That’s a lot more than a pair of kolapuris from Uzma Plaza would cost, but I can bet these ones will be way softer and are likely to get you a lot of compliments. In fact, every time I’ve worn them, someone has asked about them, particularly the colours.

The only issue I have with these shoes is how long they take to arrive. It’s my understanding that they’re made to order but I wish the team was more responsive and open about just how long they take to ship — which in one case was well over a month.

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