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Facebook, Instagram are getting new tools to edit Reels

Facebook, Instagram are getting new tools to edit Reels

Meta has started rolling out new features to Reels on Instagram and Facebook. These features are not only give more editing tools to creators but they also enable them to upload longer videos and even schedule their uploads. These features come as the company tries to compete with TikTok, which Mark Zuckerberg says poses ‘unprecedented level of competition. Also Read – Instagram releases Amber alerts to notify users about the missing children in their area

So, here are all the features coming to Reels on Instagram and Facebook. Also Read – WhatsApp banned over 16.6 lakh bad accounts in India in April 2022

Reels features on Facebook

Create and schedule Reels on desktop
Meta, in a blog post said that in addition to creating Facebook Reels on iOS and Android, users will also be able to create, edit and publish Facebook Reels from web browsers via Facebook’s Creator Studio. In addition to this, they will also be able to schedule their Reels on Facebook. Also Read – Meta’s Messenger is getting a new Calls tab: Here’s how this will change your experience

Clips in Reels
Meta is also rolling out a new feature on Facebook’s Desktop app that will enable users to create clips from published, long-form videos and edit them seamlessly into a Facebook Reel via Creator Studio. For gaming video creators, the company is rolling out new editing tools that let them generate short-form Reels directly from their Live content. “Creators can now cut Live clips down to a vertical-friendly, 60-second format, with dual views for both gameplay and creator cam,” the company added in its blog post.

New audio tools
Lastly, Meta said that Facebook Reels now supports voiceovers for users’ recordings, so that they can narrate their videos. The company has also launched a feature called Sound Sync, which enables them to sync their video clips to the beat of their favorite song. “You can also have one of several digital voices read the text in your reels with text-to-speech,” the company added.

Reels features on Instagram

90 seconds long videos
On Instagram, the company has expanded the length of a Reel from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, which gives creators more time to share their content.

Meta also said that it is bringing most popular Stories stickers to Reels. The list includes stickers for polls stickers, quiz stickers and emoji slider stickers among others.

Importing audio
Meta said that now Reels creators on Instagram can import their own audio directly within Instagram Reels. “Use the Import Audio feature to add commentary or a background sound from any video that’s at least 5 seconds long on your camera roll,” the company added.

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Meta said that it is also introducing a feature called templates on Instagram that lets users create their own reel using the same structure as a reel you’ve watched. “When you see a reel you’d like to recreate, tap ‘Use Template’ to pull in the audio and clip sequence. You can then customize it with your own content by adding and trimming,” Meta wrote.

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