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Danish Taimoor in Christiano Ronaldo’s Video

Danish Taimoor in Christiano Ronaldo’s Video

Actor and TV show host Danish Taimoor was thrilled after the football legend and the most popular person on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo, referring to his comments in a video celebrating the 300 million milestone on Instagram.

The message sent by Danish Taimoor to Ronaldo that featured on the video reads: “One day when you will retire, people will realise that this sport has most of the memories of you. More Power to you GOAT.”

Danish Taimoor feels lucky to be noticed by the giant of the game and took to Instagram and shared the video clip and said:

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“I have been his biggest fan since Day 1. This morning I was on my Instagram, and saw his post on him hitting 300 Million follower, and as I watching the video, I saw my name in there and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Although being a mature adult, I started celebrating like a kid with Rayan. I still can not believe it. It’s not just that ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ mentioned me, it’s my idol, my goat, who mentioned me in his video celebrating a milestone in his legacy. It really is an honor and something I will never forget. This may be one the best days of my entire life. Thank you RONALDO.”

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