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BTS’ ‘Run BTS’ dance challenge hits 3.9 billion views

BTS’ ‘Run BTS’ dance challenge hits 3.9 billion views

According to Big Hit Music, the number of content created using Run BTS on TikTok has increased by about 200,000 videos in 10 days since November 13, surpassing 650,000 content.

Contents using the hashtag “#RunBTS” hit 3.9 billiotn views, up by 500 million over the same period.

Various artists, such as Yeonjun from Tomorrow X Together, Hoshi from Seventeen, Lee Seo-yeon from Fromis_9, Le Sserafim, Jungwon and Ni-ki from Enhypen, and Min-ji and Hye-rin from NewJeans, have participated in the dance challenge.

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In addition, dancer Aiki and Japanese actor Yamashita Koki have also joined the challenge. With the popularity of the challenge, Run BTS re-entered several US Billboard charts.

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