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BTS’ Jin breaks record with solo single ‘The Astronaut’

BTS’ Jin breaks record with solo single ‘The Astronaut’

‘The Astronaut’ has since broken a new astronomical record. It has shifted more than 1,024,382 copies as of November 12, according to The Korea Economic Daily.

As well as adding to the lyrics, Coldplay play on the track and Martin plays a news presenter in the accompanying music video.

Meanwhile, Martin previously said that he doesn’t think Coldplay will ever beat their BTS collaboration.

The 45-year-old musician said: “I don’t think we’ll ever be able to match the BTS surprise. That was surprising even for us.”

“The journey from the first time it was mentioned — I was just like ‘how could that ever work?’ to the song itself arriving and me thinking, ‘that could be for BTS’ – to now it feeling like the most natural collaboration in the world.

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It’s an amazing lesson for myself in keeping an open mind all the time, because you just never know what life or music is gonna throw you.”

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