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After Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S21 gets a proper Vo5G/VoNR

After Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S21 gets a proper Vo5G/VoNR

After the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S21 can now make Vo5G or VoNR(Voice over 5G/Voice over New Radio) calls. It is perhaps the world’s second phone to support this feature and the first to get the service in the US. Also Read – Samsung sued for copying this useful smartphone feature

T-Mobile launches its Vo5G/VoNR service for the Galaxy S21

T-Mobile has announced its very own Voice over 5G a.k.a Voice over New Radio service in the United States in select regions. It appears that the company is experimenting with the services, although it is available for the public to try. The Voice over 5G service is available in Portland, Salt Lake City, and Oregon cities of the US. And the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the only supported device listed by T-Mobile, at least for now. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy S22 is the world’s first phone to get Vo5G support

Later this year, more 5G smartphones including the new Galaxy S22 will be supporting the service. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 full specs sheet surfaced months before its release

“At Samsung, we want to give our users the best possible 5G experience on every device —and today’s announcement represents a big step forward,” stated Jude Buckley, Executive Vice President, Mobile eXperience at Samsung Electronics America.

He further stated, ” By supporting extensive integration and testing, and working alongside an industry leader like T-mobile, we’re bringing to life all the benefits of 5G technology with the help of our Samsung Galaxy devices.”

Although the Galaxy S21 is the only phone getting this service, T-Mobile appears to have also partnered with Nokia and Qualcomm. So we can expect Vo5G support on some Nokia phones too.

What’s the benefit of Vo5G/VoNR?

With Vo5G/VoNR, users can make clearer calls over the 5G network. The new technology is the potential successor to VoLTE that’s available on most phones today. Just like VoLTE, expect faster calling and better voice clarity. Also, the Vo5G technology will eliminate the indoor coverage issues faced during a regular call.

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When will Vo5G/VoNR come to India?

Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio are currently the two major telecom players that are striving to bring a 5G network to India. As per newer reports, the 5G rollout will happen by August of this year, that’s just a month away. But don’t expect enough stability, as it will be the first phase of the 5G for India. Having said that, a proper 5G will first be set up in India in the next few months, and soon later, we can expect Vo5G/VoNR to function in the country.

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