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Abu Dhabi’s ADX launches rebranded ETF platform

Abu Dhabi’s ADX launches rebranded ETF platform

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) has launched its rebranded ADX ETF market pursuant to the introduction of an ETF tracking the FADX 15 – the exchange’s benchmark index launched in March 2022 – which listed November 24.

The launch of ADX’s rebranded ETF platform was unveiled with a bell-ringing ceremony, coinciding with the listing of Chimera FTSE ADX 15 ETF (CHADX15) onto the ETF market, representing the eighth listed ETF on ADX.

The CHADX15 will mimic the performance and track shares of the companies that make up the composition of the FADX 15 index providing various possibilities for investors seeking access to an investment opportunity targeting long-term and high growth across a diversified basket of ADX stocks.

In addition to its total traded value surpassing Dhs1.4bn, ADX has witnessed strong year-to-date growth in the ETF market’s trading activity with around 12,500 trades of 243 million units.

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Saeed Hamad Al Dhaheri, MD and CEO of ADX, said: “Our ability to innovate and introduce an increasingly diversified set of investment opportunities continues to set us apart as a leading regional exchange. Similarly, the recent trading activity on the platform and the introduction of the CHADX15 cements ADX’s position as the regional hub and home for ETFs.

Through the execution of our strategy, we will continue to grow our diversified pipeline of investment products, enhance market efficiency and drive sustainable growth.”

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